Contractual Parcel

If you operate an e-commerce or mail-order business and look for innovative solutions using electronic services, this service is destined for you. Contractual Parcel is a new service with bargain postage, which can be used for sending commercial goods within Slovakia.

You can use it for:
  • sending the ordered goods to your customers – users of online or mail-order store.


Weight and size
  • under the conditions stipulated in the contract
  • cardboard wrap, bags or other retail wraps
  • at the post offices, regional hubs or at a courier – on a place contractually agreed in advance
  • within Slovakia, delivery to the address by courier, delivery only to the post office (items with Poste Restante service) or in some other way agreed (e.g. P.O Box, Collection service)
Method of payment
  • bank transfer, postage credit, franking machine, invoice

Services to Contractual Parcelspäť

  • Withdrawal of an Item from the Post at posting, Withdrawal of an Item from the Post at delivery, Return to Sender immediately, Return to Sender after … Days, Back, Poste Restante, Cash on Delivery, Fragile, Cumbersome, Insurance, Deliver to Addressee in Person, Reply Service, Delivery till 8 p.m.
  • Extension of Period of Retention, Authorization, Refusal of Acceptance of an Item, Repeated Delivery on Request of an Addressee, Delivery to Another Address on Request of an Addressee

Posting procedurespäť

  1. Before posting your Contractual Parcel, please complete and transmit an electronic posting sheet to an information system of Slovenská pošta under the conditions specified in the Technical Parameters – ePosting Sheet.
  2. Label the wrapped Contractual Parcel with an address label made according to the conditions specified in the Technical Parameters – Labelling of Postal Items and post it at a stipulated place (post office, regional hub or through courier), not before 30 minutes and no later than 7 calendar days after having transmitted the e-Posting Sheet.
  3. Posting of the Contractual Parcels shall be confirmed by sending an electronic confirmation of receipt.

Note: You can complete the electronic posting sheet using the ePosting Sheet application.

Prices for Contractual Parcelspäť

Prices for Contractual Parcel shall be fixed by a contract.


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