Express Economy

We shall carry your commercial goods urgently, reliably and for a favourable price within the Slovak Republic.

You can use Express Economy for:
  • sending commercial goods.

Characteristics back

Transit time
  • within D+3, on the third working day after the day of posting
  • up to 30 kg for a piece of an item
  • minimum allowed dimensions – at least one surface of an item shall be 20 x 15 cm
  • maximum allowed dimensions - 200 cm for any of dimensions or 300 cm for sum total of length and the biggest circumference measured in another direction than length
  • at stipulated post offices
  • based on a written contract in which conditions beyond postal conditions can be agreed
  • condition of minimum posting per year shall be 5,000 pieces
  • to any Slovak location
  • subject to acknowledgement of acceptance
Method of payment
  • bank transfer, postage credit, franking machine

Services to Express Economy back

Supplementary services
  • Phone Advice, Cash on Delivery (only with Postal Money Order to Account) and Fragile, Insurance max. 500 €
Dispositional services - sender
  • Withdrawal of an Item from the Post at posting, Withdrawal of an Item from the Post at delivery, Return to Sender, Return to Sender after ... days, Do not redirect, Do not return, Return
Dispositional services – addressee
  • Exclusion of Substituted Delivery, Extension of Period of Retention, Time Redirection, Single Redirection, Authorization, Refusal of Acceptance of an Item, Poste restante
Information services
  • Monitoring Information

Posting procedure back

An Express Economy item shall be posted with the two-part Dispatch Note and the posting sheet. Post the item at a stipulated post office and according to conditions agreed in the contract.

Prices for Express Economy back

Prices for Express Economy services shall be fixed by a contract.

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