POSTservis Mail

By means of POSTservis Mail, we shall provide you with a complex of services in a field of bulk mail (correspondence) processing - from document printing preparation, its packaging, sorting to its distribution.

Why to use the POSTservis Mail? back

You shall use the POSTsevis Mail for preparation of:You shall use the POSTsevis Mail for preparation of:

  • Bank statements,
  • Invoices,
  • Reminders and calls to pay the fees,
  • Direct Mail Items,
  • Information letters, etc.

Advantages of the POSTservis Mail back

  • Complex and comfortable service of processing and sending of the bulk mail (correspondence) – it is enough to send data by e-mail, all other matters shall be arranged by the Post.
  • By printing of the item posted though Slovenská pošta, a confirmation of an acceptance of the “1st Class” and “2nd Class” letters and of the Direct Mail is to be issued for a sender.
  • Low price in comparison with competitors – the price does not include the costs for transport and for posting of items at the post office.

We offer a reprint of the variable data on the postal money orders to account and on the postal money orders to address to the customers who quick need to make and deliver more postal money orders (from 1,000 pieces).

Procedure back

  1. Send information in an electronic form.
  2. We shall:
    • Process information,
    • Print out information into a physical form
    • Pack items,
    • Ensure a distribution to the addressees.

Supplementary services back


POSTservice Mail Centre is equipped with the paper shredders with a degree of classification 3, the destroyed material is cut into strips of 3.5 x 25 mm. The damaged material is to be destructed continuously (unless otherwise required by customer) to avoid its abuse.


We have at your disposal a storage space in which we offer a storage of articles of a consumption (paper and envelopes) to customers. The storage space is air-conditioned that guarantees the optimal storing conditions (optimal temperature and air humidity). Customers are regularly informed of the actual stock level of articles of the consumption.

Types of printers back

Two POSTservis Mail Centres - in Bratislava and Košice - are equipped with the printers (XEROX DocuPrint 1000, XEROX 495 CF), packing system (KERN 2500, KERN 656), folder (Multimaster 38) – “envelop without envelop“ (“obálka bez obálky”) system.