The Principles of Use Cookies

These principles inform you how SP, a. s. uses cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies").

Using Cookies

SP, a. s. websites use Cookies to help us provide better services. By using the sites operated by the websites, you agree that SP, a. s. may use Cookies consistent with the browser settings. If you visit our websites while Cookies are enabled in your browser, we consider that you accept our conditions for the use of Cookies. Instructions for changing Cookies are available in the option Help of every browser.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be sent to a browser when you visit websites and they can be saved onto your device (computer or any other device with internet access, e.g. a smartphone or tablet). Cookies are saved in the folder for your browser files. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, validity and value. When you next visit the website, the browser loads the Cookies again and sends this information back to the website which originally created the Cookies. The "Cookies" we use do not harm your computer.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use Cookies to optimally develop and constantly improve our services, to adjust them to your interests and needs, as well as to improve the structure and content. SP, a. s. websites may use temporary or permanent Cookies. Temporary Cookies will remain in your device until you leave the site. Permanent Cookies will remain in your device until they expire or they are manually erased. How long we keep the information for depends on the type of Cookies.

We use several types of Cookies on our websites.

Essential Cookies

These Cookies are essential for the operation of our websites and allow the use of basic functions such as secure areas and on-line payments. Essential Cookies include retention of login, enabling access to secure areas without having to log in again, pre-fill in forms and the like. Without these Cookies we would not be able to provide the services which are essential for our websites. If you do not allow Cookies, we cannot guarantee flawless operation of the site.

Operational Cookies

We use operational Cookies to collect statistical information about your use of our websites. This technical data will tell us, for instance, which parts of the website you clicked on, which site you visited last, etc. We use Cookies to analyse and improve our websites in terms of content, performance and design. If you do not allow Cookies, we cannot guarantee flawless operation of our sites.

Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies are not necessary, but they help us to improve the functionality of our websites. They include the retention of the settings that you selected when you last visited the site, such as distribution of content, selection of site, etc., so that you do not have to reset them again. We use the Cookies to find out whether you have been offered a certain service before or we provide information from your current location, if you agree to share such information. Although using Cookies depends solely on the settings you select, by not allowing them you could lose some services we could provide for you.

Third-Party Cookies

The portfolio sites of Slovenská pošta, a. s. include links and content integrated from other websites. This is why Cookies not controlled by SP, a. s. may be created when using our websites. This may happen, if the visited website uses an analysis tool or automated marketing from a third party (such as Google tools). This means you receive Cookies from the third-party service provider. SP, a. s. cannot control whether these Cookies are saved or accessed. If you wish to know how the third party uses Cookies, read the privacy policy and the principles of use of Cookies provided by the third party.

How Can You Change the Cookies Settings?

The Cookies used in SP, a. s. websites may be set in your web browser. The majority of internet browsers were originally set to automatically accept Cookies. This setting may be changed to blocking Cookies or to a notification when Cookies are to be sent to your device. Instructions for changing the Cookies settings are available in the Help option of every browser. If you use different devices to access websites (e.g. a computer, smartphone, tablet), we recommend that you adjust the browser on all of the devices to meet your preferences. If you change the default Cookies setting we will of course respect this. However, the blocking of some Cookies may have a negative impact on the functionality of our websites.


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