Subject of activity

Slovenská pošta, a. s., is a leading provider of modern communication, distribution and payment services on the domestic market, with created logistics conditions to do business in the Central and Eastern Europe.

It is a reliable intermediary satisfying changing customer needs and it also offers new value-added and high-quality products and complex solutions.

Name and Registered Office:
Slovenská pošta, a. s.
Partizánska cesta 9, 975 99 Banská Bystrica

Legal Form:
Public limited company as of 1 October 2004

The Slovak Republic, represented by the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Communications of the Slovak Republic

1 January 1993

Since March 1, 1996, Slovenská pošta has had its headquarters in Banská Bystrica. The transformation of Slovenská pošta from a state-owned enterprise into a public limited company fully controlled by the State on October 1, 2004 paved the way for the company to become an economically independent and competitive entity. Slovenská pošta has been financially independent since it was established, i.e. it does not receive any subsidies from the State budget.

Slovenská pošta offers its services throughout a network of more than 1 500 post offices. The customers can use 6 797 mail-boxes and, in order to improve the availability of delivered parcels and letters, 2 681 delivery letter-boxes. There were 3 375 counters in operation, of which 1 856 were equipped with PC terminals. Customers of Slovenská pošta use 20 678 P. O. Boxes and one rendor for the sale of postage stamps.

Its business strategy is to reach a full competitiveness and a financial self-sufficiency.

In 2006, the international rating agency Moody’s granted Slovenská pošta a credit risk rating at the level of that is the highest possible level. Since this year the rating of Slovenská pošta has not changed and its rating outlook is still stable. In 2008, Slovenská pošta received the certificates which confirm the implementation and maintenance of a quality management system and an environmental management system in compliance with the requirements of STN EN ISO 6001:2001 and STN EN ISO 14001:2005 Standards. The company also won the prestigious award “HR Gold” for innovative project in human resources management.

Subject of Business

  1. provision of a universal postal service within the scope laid down in the postal licence pursuant to special legislation,
  2. provision of postal services,
  3. postal operations throughout the Slovak Republic within the following scope:
    • transport and delivery of letters, parcels and money orders, including electronic mail,
    • collection, transport and delivery of postal items, including payment services in international service,
  4. express and courier carriage of postal items, including documents, with a guaranteed time of delivery, including international service,
  5. the set-up, running and development of a uniform postal network throughout the Slovak Republic,
  6. publication of specialized literature, operational regulations, printed aids, forms, promotional and information materials relating to company business,
  7. issuance of postage stamps,
  8. archiving of postage stamps and forms and related work, including the production of commemorative postmarks,
  9. postmark agenda, establishment of temporary post offices, including franking machine advertisement,
  10. activity of the Postal Museum.
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