Insured Letter

An insured letter is designed for sending communications on any kind of physical media or for sending small articles you need to indemnify against non-delivery or damage. You can insure the letter for a value chosen by you.

Characteristics back

Transit time
  • Insured Letters within the Slovak Republic:
  • 1st Class Insured Letter - D+1 (delivery on the next working day after the day of posting),
  • 2nd Class Insured Letter - D+2 (delivery on the second working day after the day of posting)
  • Insured Letters abroad:
    assumed transit times of letters addressed abroad depend on a respective country of destination
  • up to 2 kg
  • Slovenská pošta provides, for insured letters, plastic envelopes of two following sizes:
small -15 x 20 cm
big - 30 x 40 cm
Method of payment
  • cash, postage stamps, bank transfer, postage credit, franking machine

Services to Insured Letters back

  • Insured Letters within the Slovak Republic:
    Withdrawal of an item from the Post at posting, Withdrawal of an item from the Post at delivery, Return to Sender immediately, Do not return, Return to Sender after ... days, Do not redirect, Back, Deliver to Addressee in Person, Poste Restante
  • Insured Letters abroad:
    Withdrawal of an item from the Post at posting, Deliver to Addressee in Person
  • Exclusion of Substituted Delivery, Extension of Period of Retention, Time Redirection, Delivery to Another Address, Authorization, Refusal of Acceptance of an Item, Poste restante
Information services
  • Posting/Delivery Information, Track & Trace, Copy of a Certificate of Posting, Certificate of Delivery

Posting procedure back

  1. The insured letter shall be posted only in a plastic envelope that is put for sale by post offices or in a wrapping whose design has been approved by Slovenská pošta.
  2. If you send articles in the insured letter, secure them in such a way that they could not damage the plastic envelope at its processing (the articles shall not protrude from the envelope).
  3. Close the envelope as directed on its back side.
  4. Give an address of a recipient, a sender and an insured value in the reserved place of the envelope. The insured value shall be given in a numerical statement rounded on whole euros.
  5. For an expedite transit time, mark the item with the note "1. trieda" (for items abroad with the note "1st Classe") or aks for this category at the post office.
  6. Fill in Certificate of Posting (receipt, posting sheet) – it is available at each post office. Attach to the registered letters abroad that are subject to customs procedure the Customs Declaration CN 22 completed. If you send more articles in the registered item or if their amount is higher than 300 DTS, use the Customs Declaration CN 23. Forms of Customs Declarations CN 22/CN 23 are available at each post office.

Note: You can complete also the electronic posting sheet using the ePosting Sheet application.

Prices for Insured Letters back

You can find prices for letters here.


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