Leaflets are designed for the unaddressed distribution of magazines, brochures, newspapers, advertising materials and prospects.

Categories of Leaflets back

Leaflets should be delivered to the customers with 2 ways:

  1. Leaflets to letter-box – we shall deliver the leaflets to private letter-boxes, Out Boxes, Post Boxes and P.O.Boxes
  2. Leaflets at post offices – customers shall take the leaflets at the post office counter or they shall be available freely in the public premises of the post offices

Advantages of the Leaflets back

  • Posting at each post office,
  • Delivery directly to the letter-boxes of households, companies and to the P.O. Boxes
  • A possibility of a regional delivery only to listed towns/districts,

Transit times, posting back

Category of leaflets Transit time Posting
Posting of the items till Delivery at the latest on
Leaflets to letter-box Every working day D+3 In bundles with weight up to 15 kgs at each post Office
Leaflets at post offices Every working day D+3

Note: the limit time for on-time performance not includes other than working day, ever not day when the leaflets were posted after 2:00 PM.

Permitted size and weight back

Category of leaflets Minimum permitted size Maximum permitted size Maximum permitted weight
Leaflets to letter-box
  • 8 x 5 cm


  • 8 x 5 cm
25 x 35,3 x 1 cm 200 g (1000g)*
Leaflets at post offices Maximum admitted dimension does not exceed form A3 (42x27,9 cm) 1000 g

* Admitted maximum weight for leaflets destinated to the mail drop is 200 g. Admitted maximum weight for leaflets destinated to P.O.Boxes, or picking up by service is 1 000 g.

Supplementary services back

We shall prepare the leaflets for distribution – we shall make up them in bundles and identify by the address labels.

Payment for service back

You can pay for provision of the service: in cash, by advanced bank transfer, by postage credit.

Prices for Leaflets

Up to weight Leaflets to letter-box Leaflets at post offices
5 g 0,0372 € 0,0279 €
10 g 0,0392 € 0,0294 €
15 g 0,0410 € ---
20 g 0,0430 € ---
25 g 0,0454 € 0,0341 €
35 g 0,0492 € 0,0369 €
50 g 0,0556 € 0,0417 €
100 g 0,0756 € 0,0567 €
200 g 0,1164 € 0,0873 €
500 g* 0,4428 € 0,3321 €
1 000 g* 0,5184 € 0,3888 €

*Note: Leaflets above 200 g are avalaible only at post offices. Prices include 20% VAT.


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