Parcel is an easy and budget-price postal service for sending the goods in Slovak territory and also abroad. We deliver the parcel to address or the addressee can pick it-up at its post-office. You can check the progress of your deliveries on Track & Trace.

Characteristics back


  • Parcels within the Slovak Republic
  • Parcel to address - delivery to the handing-over point accordingly to the address listed on parcel or parcel´s address label 
  • Parcel to post-office - shipping and storing at any post-office accordingly to the sender´s choise listed on parcel or parcel´s address label during the withdrawal time without previous attempt for delivery. This service is available under condition you provide cell phone or e-mail address of the addressee
  • Parcels abroad  
Limit time for on-time performance
  • Parcels within the Slovak Republic - second working day after day of posting (D+2)
  • Parcels abroad - an assumed transit time of a parcel depends on a respective country of destination; 
  • up to 10kg
  • min.: 20 x 15 cm is for one parcel side at least max.: 200 cm for any one dimension or 300 cm for sum total of length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than that of the length.
  • Parcels abroad
  • minimum: 20 x 15 cm
  • maximum: it depends on a country of destination
  • Parcel can be posted in enclosed packaging or without packaging (for ex. tyre, suitcase, etc.).
  • You can use also using packaging in case the original addressing data, all labels and bands have been removed.
  • In case the weight is over than 3 kg, we recommend to cord up or put the shanks
Payment of postage
  • cash, bank transfer, postal stamps, postal machine, postage credit 

Services to the parcel back

  • Parcels within the Slovak Republic - Insurance, Fragile, Cumbersome, Cash on delivery (COD), Cancellation on posting, Cancellation on delivery, Do not store, Store... day, Back
  • Parcels abroad - Cash on Delivery, Fragile, Cumbersome, Insurance, Return to Sender immediately, Return to Sender after ... days, Do not return, Redirect to Addressee after ... days, Do not redirect, Cancellation on posting, Cancellation on delivery
  • Prolongation of retention time at the post-office, Delegation of powers, Refusing of items´s acceptation, Repeated delivery on the addressee demand (parcel to the address only), Delivery on the other address based on addressee´s demand
Information services
  • Information about posting/delivery of item, Information about tracking, Duplicate of postal receipt, Receipt of delivery, Printing of e-receipt

Posting procedure back

  1. If you send a parcel abroad, find out conditions under which you can send the contents of the parcel to a country of destination (information on customs regulations is available at customs authorities).
  2. Pack your parcel in order to the postal terms and conditions and bring it to the post-office. The proper package you can buy also here.
  3. Fill up the posting document in order to preprinted conditions. In case you post more parcels instead of posting document you can fill up Posting List or by using online application "e-Posting-List".
  4. Tick off needed services. Mark parcel to post-Office by note "Na poštu" on the addresse label or on address side of your parcel (parcels in Slovak republic). You can also ask for needed services at the postal counter. This service is available under conditions you provide cell number or e-mail address of the addressee.
  5. In case of you would send the parcel with COD service, tick off this service on posting document or Posting List or e-Posting List and on the address side of the item.
  6. Hand over your parcel at the postal counter. In case of sending your parcel by e-Posting-List you will receive e-Postal receipt.

Posting documents you can find in the section "Forms" (Tlačivá) or at every post-office. All categories of envelopes offer you the POSTshop - the shop at the post-office.

Prices for parcel back

You can find prices for parcel here.



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