On the website, you shall find a wide range of services offered by Slovenská pošta in a field of philately as well as all about the Slovak stamp production.

The Postal Philatelic Service (POFIS) ensures business and retail activities with the Slovak postage stamps and postal stationery in inland and abroad, and provides a news service for individuals and organized collectors.

Based on an issue plan of postage stamps and postal stationery to be approved by the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic (MDPT SR), it ensures the issuing and realization of postage stamps and postal stationery for purposes of Slovenská pošta and philately as well.

Within its activities, it also ensures the first day covers (FDC) which through their draw on a surcharge complement the motif of the respective issue, stamp booklets, sticking sheets, analogous postcards (carte maximum), surcharges on the letter cards to be issued at the actual sports, cultural and social occasions. It sends notifications of the individual issues of postal stationery to a professional domestic and foreign press and to the publishers of postal stationery catalogues.

The stamping service provides the impressions of the commemorative postmarks to the interested persons.

Postage stamp with a personalized coupon back

To have a private postage stamp is no longer an unrealizable wish

Since 2001 the POFIS provides an opportunity to put a reproduction of photography or picture on a stamp. The idea came from an experience of the Hungarian postal operator and it has adapted successfully also in Slovakia. The private stamps have a form of mini printing sheet with eight or twelve postage stamps accompanied by the relevant number of coupons. On stamp pictures are, for instance, motifs of doves, roses and tulips, the coupon is to be illustrated according to a wish of a person interested in the postage stamp with the personalized coupon.

In addition to a completion of an order and payment, a customer shall provide a picture that may be in a form of photo or of other pattern submitted physically or electronically. The photo can also be taken on site, directly at the workplace of personalized stamp production at the address – Slovenská pošta, a. s., POFIS, Námestie Slobody 27, Bratislava.

Orders for production of postage stamp with the personalized coupon are also accepted by all post offices in Slovakia. It is also possible to send the order together with a confirmation of payment by post.

One printing sheet of postage stamps with the personalized coupon costs from 6,18 € to 7,18 €.

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