POSTservis you offers global Solutions for processing your bulk letters-post items, goods an material.

We process for you back

  • bank statements
  • Invoices
  • Reminders and call letters
  • direct mails
  • leaflets
  • magazines, catalogues, brochures
  • different goods (for mail order houses as well)
  • 3D items

Advantages of POSTservis back

  • flexibility
  • costs saving
  • transparency
  • logistic simplification
  • customer tailored services
  • favourable price

Services of POSTservis back

POSTservis Mail - printing of documents, reprint to the forms from data files eventually.

POSTservis Pack

  1. Packing material arrangment
  2. Warehouse
    • storage of goods on pallets, shelfs
    • complex warehouse holding
    • managment of inventories
  3. Processing of goods and assembling of items
    • packaging up different materials (cartoon, foil, envelope, etc.), preparing of accompanying documents
    • labeling
    • returned items - acceptation, unpacking and put them back in the warehouse
  4. Distribution
    • evidence and checking-out of items
    • distribution to the ostal network
  5. Suplementary services tailored to customers

Procedures of bulk letter-post items processing back

Send us your data in e-form and we are able to:

  • process
  • print
  • envelop them and
  • distribute to the addressees

How much are the services of POSTservis back

Prices of POSTservises are the contractual ones.

Contact back

Slovenská pošta, a.s.
Bojnická 14
831 04 Bratislava
Tel.: 0903 464 717


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