CISP Government Services at Post Office


We provide government services at approximately 600 post offices, equally distributed throughout Slovakia. At specialized post office workplaces (Citizen Integrated Service Points - CISP), you can thus also arrange official matters such as Commercial Register Extracts, Title Deed Extracts and Criminal Record Certificates / Extracts, which are public documents usable for all legal acts.

Commercial Register Extract

A Commercial Register Extract can be provided at the post office for: EUR 4.50.

Title Deed Extract (TD)

A Title Deed Extract for a property located anywhere in Slovakia can be provided at selected post offices: from EUR 7.90.

Criminal Records Extract  (for natural and legal persons)         Criminal Records Certificate (for natural persons)

You can get the first copy of Criminal Records Extract for natural or legal persons and Criminal Records Certificate for natural persons at selected post offices from EUR 3.90. Additional copies on a single request will be processed for only EUR 1.90.

Qualified Conversion of an Electronic Document into Paper Form

We will transfer your electronic document signed by a qualified electronic signature / seal into paper form at all CISP workplaces while you wait.

Prices for the Services Provided

Prices for the government services provided can be found in the Schedule of Charges, which is available at every CISP workplace.

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