Express Courier

Express courier is a postal service destinated to fast delivery of documents and goods in the whole territory of Slovakia. You can send the express item at the post-office or by a courier at the point you chosen. Item will be already delivered next working day.

For easy sending we offer advantageous prepaid envelopes EASY EXPRESS 1 (prepaid plastic packing for item up to 1 kg).

Characteristics back


Express courier to the address - delivery to the handing over place accordingly to the address listed on the item or on the address label.

Express courier to the post-office - shipping and storing at any post-office/parcelbox/parcelshop - accordingly to the sender´s choise listed on the item or the item´s address label during the period of item retention, without previous attempt for delivery.
The important condition for providing the Express courier to the post-office service is providing a mobile phone number or e-mail address of the addressee. 

Limit time for on-time performance

next working day after day of posting (D+1)


up to 15 kg at every post-office almost*
up to 30 kg at chosen post-offices/parcelboxes/parcelshops
up to 50 kg by a courier or at regional express point

Dimensions and packaging

recommendes min. dimensions: 14 x 9 cm one surface side has to be at least, max. dimensions: 200 cm for any one dimension or 300 cm for sum total of length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than that of the length.

Payment of Postage charge

cash, postage credit, invoice.

 *Note. some post-offices do not offer this service, see please Summary of services offered at post-offices.

Services to the item back

The price for express item includes: Insurance up to 1 000 EUR, Repeated delivery on the addressee demand, T&T, SMS/e-mail notifications.

Supplementary services

Cash on delivery (COD), Insurance, Information about delivery of item, Delivery up to 10 AM, Delivery to addressee only, Fragile, Reply service, Advice of delivery, Redelivery of confirmed document, Cumbersome.


Do not store (only for Express courier to the address), Cash on delivery (COD), Withdrawal of an Item from the Post at posting, Withdrawal of an Item from the Post at delivery, Withdrawal of COD, Delivery to another address at the sender's request (Express courier to the address only), Change of delivery day (Express courier to the address only) Store, Retour. 


Prolongation of retention time at post-office, Delivery on the other address based on addressee´s demand, Refusing of items´s acceptation, Repeated delivery on the addressee´s demand, Delegation of powers, Change of the delivery date (only for Express courier to the address).

Posting procedure back

  1. Express item up to 15 kg you can post at every post-office almost or by courier.
  2. Express item over to 15 kg you can post at chosen express post-offices or by courier.
  3. You can order courier calling the number 0850 122 413 the best one day before posting the express item or the number of control regional express centre, at the web site: or by application e-Posting Sheet and arrange where the item will be taking of.

Prices for Express Courier back

You can find prices for Express Courier here.

Contact back

For more information about Express Courier go to customer service phone: 0850 122 413 or directly at the regional express center.



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