Postal Money Order for Collection

By means of Postal Money Order for Collection, you can send (as a sender) money from your bank account to an addressee that shall be paid in cash within Slovakia.

Characteristics back

Maximum amount
  • 15 000 €
  • On a list (paper)
  • On a physical medium
  • Through the front-end server
  • To any address within Slovakia
Processing period of postal money order
  • D+2 (on the second working day after the day of acceptance)
Kind of document
  • Red payment document
Method of payment of price for posting (paid by sender)
  • bank transfer

Services to the Postal Money Order for Collection back

  • Withdrawal of an item from the Post at delivery, Do not redirect, Deliver to Addressee in Person, Deliver to Addressee in Person – Authorization Excluded, Day-Certain Delivery, Pay on ...
  • Exclusion of Substituted Delivery, Time Redirection, Authorization, Poste Restante, Refusal of Acceptance of an Item
Information services
  • Posting/Delivery Information, Certificate of Delivery, Monitoring Information

Postal Money Order for Collection for Businesses (Senders) back

You can use this category of Postal Money Order when you need to send:

  • Overpayments to your customers,
  • Payments for goods returned from customers (mail-order companies),
  • Payment of dividends, remunerations, etc.

Using this service, you shall obtain automatically:

  • Printing of the Postal Money Orders,
  • Delivery and payment of the Postal Money Orders to the Addressees,
  • Final settlement of payments.

How to proceed:

  1. Fill in a form “Application for Use of the Postal Money Orders for Collection”.
  2. Send the completed application to an address:
    Slovenská pošta, a. s.
    Stredisko spracovania prevádzkových dokladov
    Lovinského 35
    817 11 Bratislava 11.
  3. We shall assign an identification number to you and send information on approval of application.
  4. Send the Postal Money Orders to your customers.

Prices for sending Postal Money Orders

You find prices for sending Postal Money Order here.

Information for Citizens (Addressees) back

Cash money sent by means of Postal Money Order for Collection shall be paid by:

  • Your postman,
  • Your post office.


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